Spying on iPhone: Some of The Most Popular Myths Busted

It has not been long since iPhone spy apps were admitted into the mainstream, which is why they are still shrouded in mystery. People stumbling across what was considered a controversial technology for many years often find questions like “Can you spy on iPhone?”, “Are non-jail broken iPhone completely safe?”, etc. from popping up in their minds. Unfortunately, searching for answers on the web has led to spreading of misinformation and creation of myths. Let’s take a look at some of the most common myths surrounding iPhone spying and debunk them.

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Myth 1: Spy Apps Offer Remote Installation

No doubt spy apps have made advancement in terms of new and powerful features over the last few years. However, there it still hasn’t reached the point where it allows you to install the spy app on the iPhone remotely. Spy app vendors who claim over-the-air installation are either exaggerating or simply lying to scam customers.

Myth 2: Spy Apps Can’t Work on Non-Jail broken iPhone

Another myth circulating around is that you need to jailbreak the iPhone to install a spy app on it. That, however, is no longer true. Owing to recent advancements in spying technology, you no longer need to void your device warranty and put its security at risk simply to spy on it. Spy apps work perfectly on non-jail broken iPhone, though only limited vendors offer this convenience.

Myth 3: Spy Apps Are Illegal

This myth is partially true. According to law, spying apps are legal to use as long as you install them on your own iPhone. This leaves the door open for parents and employers who want to keep an eye on their kids and employees respectively through the devices that are under their ownership. However, it is illegal to use these apps on someone else’s phone, or for spying on people without their prior consent.

Myth 4: Spy Apps Can Corrupt Device

A large number of people continue to believe that the spy app contains malware that can corrupt their device. While this may have been true in the past, especially since spy apps were themselves commonly regarded as malware, this is no longer the case. Yes, there are still spyware in circulation that are malware, but the products being developed by reputable vendors and for a more legitimate market are not among them. Their developers make absolutely no compromise on quality, and ensure that their complete functionality is disclosed to the customer on their official websites. They do not harm the device they are installed on in any way, though they may cause the battery to drain faster or affect call quality while active.

Myth 5: Spy Apps Live to Serve Cyber criminals

While spy apps did indeed cater solely to a very shady niche comprised of cyber criminals in the past, that is no longer the case.  In fact, a significant chunk of today’s market for spy apps is made up of concerned parents and anxious employers wanting to keep an eye on their kids’ and employees’ digital activities respectively. In fact, these relatively new customers are precisely the reason spying technology has been undergoing rapid advancement in recent years.

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