Nurturing Healthy Link Profiles – Best Practices

Over-optimization is the situation where there is too much SEO of content on search engines.  When doing your SEO improvements, there may be an over-indulgence on the technical SEO with the hope of beating the competition. This may fail to work as search engines might not be able to rank the site appropriately leading to a negative result. 

1) Pointing All Internal Or External Links To Top-Level Navigation Pages

For a link to be considered effective, it should be able to give the discrete information one is looking for together with the mother page which is not the case for many links. Ensure your links don’t give a result of another sort after navigation pages or just a homepage with low-key information.

 2) Linking To Toxic Sites

There is always a point of convergence between the sites that you link to and the sites that give you as a link. When opting for a link, ensure the content matches the quality and blend offered on your site.

Search engines will not hesitate to negatively rate your site if there is suspicion of association with spammy or toxic sites.

No matter how great the quality of your content is, there is no guarantee that your high rating will be sustained if your outbound links point to low-rated sites. This is because your site is also measured by the sites you are associated with.

 3) Keyword-Stuffed Footer

Website footers are prone to over-optimization during content building. You can easily discredit your page by doing this vice. Do not try.

Among the many disadvantages associated with footer links are the non-recognition by search engines and devaluing by Google. Your footer should not consist of keywords as this will be considered as over-optimization by Google.

 4) Non-Branded, Keyword-Dense Urls

Do not over-emphasize on your URL. A good URL will portray a brand that will be easy to search and remember.

Your URL should never consist of keywords that describe your business or services you offer. This will immediately be pointed as over-optimization by search engines. In most cases, it is wise to use the original name of your business as the URL.

There should be a line drawn to separate your brand name and the major keywords. Take note that ranking on search engines is never done on the basis of your URL but on the quality and relevance of the content. If your content is superb but your URL is devalued, you will not be any close to the top-rated searches. DO NOT over-optimize your URL.


Online selling is all about the traffic directed towards your site. If your content is optimum in quality, the technical SEO should equally match in order to work towards better ranking. If the technical SEO is over-emphasized, it will prove detrimental to the growth of your business online.

Technical SEO when utilized in moderation and at the right degree is a plus to your survival as an online service provider. When you have this aspect well taken care of, build content that will be able to compete and give you an edge. Hire an SEO agency  to get tips to reducing over-emphasis on technical SEO correctly and your content will be delivered with much ease.

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