How to Prepare for the NY Auto Show

The New York Auto Show is almost here with the official dates having been announced to be on Friday, March 30th up to Sunday, April 8th, 2018. The official hours of the auto show will be 10am-10pm from Monday to Saturday and 10am-7pm on Sunday including Easter Sunday. Notably, this is an international auto show which attracts people from all over the globe, hence you should be well prepared before attending. Below are several tips on how to prepare your vehicle for this show.

NY Auto show

Detailed Overall Cleaning
An auto show is all about proper presentation which includes all the vehicle details. You should not just take your car to the local car-wash for cleaning but rather, you should give it a thorough washing and waxing. Notably, the best way to achieve this is if you do it yourself instead of leaving the work to a third party. When cleaning the car, you should start with the rims and engine compartment to remove all chemicals and residues. While cleaning the car, ensure that you use products specifically designed for vehicle cleaning to avoid corrosion. Also, you should not only clean the exterior since the interior is also important and will be inspected during the showcase. After a good and thorough cleaning, your vehicle will shine, shimmer and sparkle thus catching the eyes of competitors and judges during the show.

Touch Up Tools
After a detailed cleaning, don’t assume that is ready for the presentation. Notably, while transporting your car to the presentation venue, it will not be immune to elements of weather which can add smudges and stains to the car. Also, bird dripping can hinder a successful performance. To prevent such scenarios, you should carry touch up tools to the car show to ensure that you easily and quickly remove these stains.

Making the Tires Presentable
Your car tires are an integral part of the presentation hence you should not underestimate them. If your tires have poor tread, they will most likely score poorly during the presentation. Also, your competitors will comment negatively regarding this aspect hence spoiling your mood. As such, if you wish to participate in the New York Auto show on a regular basis, you should purchase an extra set of car tires which are meant for presentation only. The tires should also be sparkling clean since dirty tires will wreck the look of your car regardless of how nice it might be. Cleaning the tires is an easy task since you only need to put a commercial cleaner in a spray bottle and then scrub the tires gently with a stiff brush. If necessary, you can also install an oil gauge on your own.

Cleaning the Glasses
Dirty windows will give the judges and your competitors a negative impression. Notably, if you have not cleaned the glasses for a while, the interior side might be dirtier than the exterior, and hence they should be cleaned thoroughly. You should spray them with a typical glass cleaning product and then wipe them dry. After drying, you might notice that they are streaked especially if you use a cleaning product such as Windex. If you notice this, you should wipe the windows again using a clean damp which should be soaked in water only. After that, wipe them with a dry cloth. This will get rid of streaks leaving your windows sparkling clean.

Shipping the Vehicle
After pulling out all that hard work, you will need to ship your vehicle to the show venue. To avoid wrecking your car before reaching the venue, ensure that you have all the information about defensive driving in NY. You should also purchase an auto insurance policy to be protected in case of any liabilities. You can get this insurance policy for point and insurance reduction which is based in New York City.

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