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Are you planning to take your loved one out on a date? Instead of searching for a fancy restaurant or a gimmick to please her, why don’t you just plan a simple date at a Vietnamese restaurant?

This might not necessarily be the first choice of many people, but it could turn out to be really great. Read on so you will be convinced that this is the perfect choice.

  1. The dishes are great. The problem with a fancy dinner at a classy restaurant is that there is too much expectation from each other. You want to look refined, classy and elegant. At times, you have to pretend to be someone you are not. If you are in a Vietnamese restaurant, you can just eat using a pair of chopsticks or even sit on the floor in some restaurants. It means that you can just be yourself and enjoy the dishes. The date is not about proper etiquette, but enjoying the food that you put into your mouth.
  2. It is an educational experience too. You might not necessarily be familiar with Vietnamese culture, what food they eat and what cultural practices they have. This is why if you visit a Vietnamese restaurant both of you can learn. At the end of the date, even if you decide not to move forward, you have at least learned something that you can cherish forever.
  3. There will be funny moments. The best part in going out on a date with someone is that you are trying to see if you are meant for each other. You want to know whether you can laugh at the same things or enjoy each other’s company. The best way to test this is through a Vietnamese restaurant London offers. Both of you might not have tried using chopsticks for eating before. You also might not have tried Vietnamese dishes before. Along the way, you laugh at your first experience and awkward moments. This will eventually make you feel like you are getting to know each other without any stress trying to impress one another. This is what a date should be like.

You just have to pick the right place in London where authentic Vietnamese cuisine is served. Better yet, find a restaurant where you don’t just dine, but you get an authentic Vietnamese experience. You will surely enjoy this date. In fact, you can go for another date next time. If not, you can at least take your friends or family with you and have fun with them too. Most of all, even if all else fails, you can still go home with a full stomach.

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