5 Tips For Marketing Your Hair Salon In 2018

Being the owner of a hair salon means you no doubt face a number of daily challenges, ranging from making sure your inventory is stocked to keeping your clients happy.


But perhaps one of the biggest challenges of all with running a hair salon is marketing yourself in order to maintain existing customers and gain new ones. This is the only way you can generate new revenue, which is why it needs to be a top priority for you.

Here are the top five tips for marketing your hair salon in 2018:

1 – Update Your Website

While potential clients will often check your social media pages, they will also pay your website a visit. Many times, your website will be your first chance to make a good impression.

To this end, make sure that your website is easy to navigate, is optimized for mobile devices, includes nice photos of your employees and your clients and includes links to your social media pages.

2 – Have An App Developed

A mobile app is one of the very best ways you can engage with your customers on a continuous basis. A majority of hair salons don’t have apps so by having one you will be at a major advantage.

Examples of why an app is helpful for building your customer base would include the facts that you can offer exclusive promotions and discounts, have a rewards and referral program in place, and keep your customers updated on announcements.

3 – Offer Online Appointment Booking

Today three out of every five customers of hair salons prefer to do business with a salon that has online booking. Make sure that there is an online booking section on your website and in your app for clients to easily access.

4 – Have A First Time Special

Offering a discount to first time clients can be a great way to motivate them to stop by. For example, $10 to $15 off for a first visit would be a good way to give new people an incentive to give your salon a try, and hopefully without taking a big chunk out of your profit margin.

5 – Forge Partnerships With Other Businesses

Last but not least, you can also forge partnerships with other local businesses in your area. When you partner with a business, you can help promote and direct clients to one another. After all, you’re all part of the same community, so why not help each other out?

Examples of local businesses that you should consider partnering with include wedding planners, make-up artists, spas, photographers, and retail shops. Each of those businesses likely have female customers who would be eager to stop by your hair salon.

Marketing Your Hair Salon

Utilizing any of the business marketing strategies we have just covered will be sure to bring new customers to your hair salon business while simultaneously encouraging old customers to come back.

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