Your Essential List of Cleaning Materials and Products to Avoid on Your Quartz Worktop

Quartz WorktopFirst of all, you should realise that learning how to clean your quartz worktop is easy – it doesn’t take much work to keep your quartz worktop clean, and you will be able to see the benefits of regular cleaning and maintenance pretty quickly. Caring for your quartz worktop usually involves just a microfibre cloth and a cleaning solution of water and a mild liquid cleaner. This is because quartz worktops are known for being resistant to stains due to their non-porous property, so spills and stains do not become easily absorbed, if at all. But there are still some materials and products you should avoid using on your quartz worktop. Here’s a list of the cleaning materials and products to avoid.

  • Polish or wax

Since a quartz worktop is non-porous, it does not require any sealing – which means that it will not really benefit from products such as polish or wax. The material remains shiny with just a simple wipe and rinse with water and liquid cleaner. As a matter of fact, using polish or wax on your quartz worktop may even lead to the dulling of the surface, and it can make the surface colour look inconsistent.

  • Bleach

Bleach is also a no-no when it comes to quartz worktops, as it is a strong chemical which can damage the physical look and integrity of the worktop. You should also avoid using any cleaners which contain bleach, so check your cleaning products very carefully.

  • Cleaners with high pH levels

Other products to avoid on your quartz worktop are cleaning products with a high pH or alkaline content. This would often include such products as oven cleaners and anything similar.

  • Solvents and other strong chemicals

Your quartz worktop will not benefit from any solvents and other strong chemicals, especially furniture strippers, paint removers, and other products which contain methylene chloride or trichlorethane. Certain household or beauty products, such as nail polish removers and permanent inks or markers also contain strong chemicals which should be kept away from your quartz worktop. Additionally, oil-based soaps are not recommended for quartz worktops.

How to clean spills and stains

Cleaning spills and stains on your quartz worktop London is relatively easy, since the worktop itself will not automatically absorb the spill or stain, especially if it’s a simple spill from fruit juices, coffee, tea, and the like. Simply mix water with a gentle liquid cleaner and wipe this onto the surface. You can then rinse it with more water and a clean cloth. For more stubborn stains, such as stains from materials which dry up like gum, paint, or nail polish, you can make use of a plastic scraper or knife which can be found in your neighbourhood hardware or DIY shop.



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