What should you gift on marriage anniversary?

Marriage is a key event in a couple’s life. Friends, relatives, and family members come together to bless the couple on this day in a lavish way. With each anniversary, the bond between a husband and wife becomes stronger and on this day they remember the day of their marriage dearly. Each couple try to make the other one feel special on this day. When you get the Wedding invitations you start to plan for this event.  Here are some gift ideas for marriage anniversary for you all to look upon.

Flowers seem to be the perfect kind of gift to celebrate the occasion of anniversary. Here are some ideas on that front. So, have a look at these and pick up the perfect flower gift depending on the age of your marital union.


1st marriage anniversary: This is one of the most memorable years of marital bliss. You have just started to know each other on a different level and the fresh aroma of romance is still afresh. Carnations would be a great gift of love to celebrate the first year of marriage anniversary. Pick up a mixture of light red and dark red carnation flowers because it refers to admiration and deep love for your sweetheart.

5th marriage anniversary: 5 years is half a decade and you can now blindly trust your partner as you know this person in and out now. The best anniversary gift for this 5th year of marriage would be a bunch of daisies. Cheerfulness, sincerity, and innocence are symbolized by this particular flower. You may think of matching this flower bouquet with an expensive jewelry set.

7th marriage anniversary: We Indians believe that once you are married to someone, the relationship stretches for the coming 7 births. 7 is often regarded as an important number in many ways. We have seven days a week, 7 colors of the rainbow, and 7 vows in marriage and the promise of togetherness for 7 births. Generally, Jack-in-the-pulpit, a wild flower that grows in woods is considered the traditional flower for 7th anniversary. But in case you cannot find this one, just gift a dozen of red roses to bring the freshness of love and romance back.

10th marriage anniversary: A decade have passed and it must be making you feel loved and victorious – right? To cheer up your partner on this day, you can bring in a special basket arrangement of daffodils. This flower have a bright attitude and refers to a new beginning. So, you see 10 years is just a new start to your married status!

15th marriage anniversary: After crossing 15th year of the union, you perhaps know the sound and rhythm of each other’s breath! Traditionally, roses are the choices for a massive 15th marriage anniversary celebration. You can decorate the whole house with several bouquets of red roses to make your better half feel young in marriage again.

25th marriage anniversary: The silver jubilee year demands a grand celebration. You can tie the knot again and repeat the vows in the presence of your children. This would be the perfect anniversary gift for sure. From the floral world, you can select the iris flower that symbolizes heavenly love.

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