What charities need our help in 2017?

Many people resent the rich, but unbeknownst to them, healthy majorities are generous with their wealth when it comes to supporting charities.

Larry Polhill is a prime example of this, as he regularly uses the proceeds he earns from investing and his work as a CEO to benefit those less fortunate than himself.


Many charities in his community, across the USA and the globe have benefited from his benevolence, and countless others in his position do the same.

Want to aid charities that need help the most this year? The organizations below are involved in lifting up people and causes which have the potential to create a better future for humanity as a whole.


Does the suffering of poor children in developing nation’s trouble you? Move UNICEF to the top of your list, as they do much to ease their suffering, as well as giving them a shot at a brighter future.

These days, they focus heavily on providing programs that aim to equip poor kids with the knowledge they need to sustain themselves, as well as providing health care to keep them safe from diseases that kill many of them before reaching maturity.

That isn’t all they do, though, as their emergency response team is still one of the most important parts of this organization.

Founded in the ashes of World War II, they got their start helping children in dire need of assistance in the rubble of post-war Europe and Asia.

In the 1950s, this mission was extended to disaster zones and areas of extreme poverty worldwide. Providing shelters and supplying medicine, they helped protect the most vulnerable humans in society from succumbing to diseases such as cholera in these environments.

As one of the best international charities out there, UNICEF is a solid choice for your monetary contributions.

2) Natural Resources Defense Council

Right now, our climate hangs in the balance. It has already risen by about 2-3 degrees this century, which has been shown to have had dramatic effects on our weather.

Scientists say we need to take action as soon as possible to limit further damage. If we don’t, permanently frozen ground up north in Canada and Eurasia will thaw, releasing huge amounts of methane, which could shift global warming into overdrive.

Making a donation to the Natural Resources Defense Council will help fund awareness campaigns and efforts to influence members of Congress and state legislatures.

Apart from your own individual efforts, it is one of the most profound things you can do to help save the planet in 2017.

3) American Civil Liberties Union

Taking up legal matters with the mission of defending civil rights, the ACLU have assisted Americans by defending their right to free speech, free expression, and by protecting them from other infringements of the Constitution for nearly a century.

It is not our aim to pick a side in the political divide that presently exists in our country, but many contend that the Trump White House has acted in ways that constitute an attack on the rights of certain citizens.

If these developments trouble you, donating regularly to the American Civil Liberties Union is an ideal way to help defend the document that underpins American democracy.

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