Slick Services – The Benefits of Running a Business from a Serviced Office in Thailand


Thailand, like many countries in the Asia market, has many opportunities for entrepreneurs in the import and export market. Unfortunately, to open up shop in this economy, you have to be well-versed on many of the laws governing business practices in Thailand, and just competing with other businesses who are more in tune with the economy and savvy at manipulating the market can be difficult. Running a business in an economy that is so competitive might feel as though you are swimming upstream.

Then, there is the business of where to do business. Finding suitable office space can be difficult, especially if you are not familiar with the country or its infrastructure. Furthermore, suitable office space usually comes at a premium price. However, the serviced office can be the answer to your woes of finding adequate office space.

Continue reading below to learn about the benefits of running your business from a serviced office.

Low Overhead

The serviced office is beneficial to those wishing to do business in Thailand simply because it is more cost-effective than trying to lease office space through conventional means. The typical office space requires committing to lengthy leasing terms, regardless of how long you plan to stay in the location.

In addition, conventional leases might or might not come with the usual amenities needed to run an office (furniture, utilities, phone and cable). With the serviced office, you get an all-inclusive package that is much more affordable than conventional leasing. Check out Servcorp’s site at to see what their serviced office can offer you.


Another benefit to using the serviced office is that many of its offices are located near or in the centre of business districts. For professionals who need to make first impressions on clients, having an office that sits on some of the most prestigious avenues is within reach, and at a much lower cost than renting on your own. Essentially, in addition to the physical space, you get a professional address and phone number in some of the most sought-after locations.


Serviced office leasing also allows your business to grow without the added expense of relocating to another location. Typically, smoothly transitioning from one office space to another takes months and a lot of planning. Serviced office leases, conversely, allow you to scale down or expand your business depending on growth.

Even better, you do not have to spend a lot your time moving from one place to another, as the leasing company sets up all of your accommodations. When comparing the time it would take them to set up your office and the time it would take with a serviced office, the serviced office option is a much better solution for those proprietors with hectic schedules. If you decided to expand or downsize, you only need head to the leasing office to modify your lease.


Okay, let’s say your business becomes so successful that you want to move to another location. Some of the larger serviced office companies will allow you to transfer your lease, which is great for a few reasons. First, this allows you to transition from one location to another without the hassles of finding a new building and turning your utilities, phone, and cable, not to mention hiring a receptionist. Second, you can do so inexpensively.

Traversing The Rocky Office Space Landscape

If you are not familiar with the zoning laws or Thailand’s infrastructure but you need to have a physical office from which to work, the serviced office is probably one of the better solutions in this market. Serviced offices alleviate many of the problems associated with furnishing and staffing a building, in addition to doing so at a much cheaper rate. More significantly, the serviced office, in most cases, places you smack dab in the middle of some of the most thriving economies.


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