Should You Eat in Your Car?

eating in car

To eat in your car or not to eat in your car? That is the question.

We love our cars. In fact, some of us love them too much. We utilize our cars to get to work, to leisure activities, to school, etc., so it only makes sense that from time to time we may eat a meal in our car. Like anything, there are pros and cons of eating in your vehicle, which could be the deciding factor for choosing rental or your own vehicle while traveling… and if you’ve ever done it before, you’re likely already aware of some of these benefits and disadvantages of doing so. We’ll delve further into them in this blog post so that you can make the call on what to do the next time you’re in a hurry and contemplating scarfing down a quick sandwich at home or grabbing drive through.

Pros of Eating in Your Car

  • Efficiency: We’re all busy these days, so eating in route to a destination is more efficient than doing so in the comfort and convenience of your home or a restaurant for many. When eating in your car, you’re essentially doing two daily tasks at once, thereby freeing up more time in your day for other things. And eating on the go doesn’t just have to consist of fast food drive through, but of meals and the like that are prepared in the home and then taken to the car.
  • It’s convenient: On a road trip and discovering where to go in Manhattan? Late for work? Just don’t like cooking at home? There are not many more things as convenient as swinging through a drive through and grabbing a burger and fries to munch on as you stay on track to your destination. Hence, the convenience of eating as you drive becomes a major motivator for many individuals.

Cons of Eating in Your Car

  • Danger: To a certain extent, eating in your car is distracted driving – and distracted driving can be very dangerous. Just like the dangers of texting while driving, eating while driving can take the focus of the driver away from the road ahead and on to an unrelated task. This can lead to an increase in accidents which, as a result, creates a spike in personal injury lawsuits in OK and around the nation. That said, if you’re dining as you drive, we’d highly recommend that you do it while you’re stopped at red lights.
  • Messiness: Eating in the car has the potential to cause a mess in several ways. For starters, doing so can turn your car into a garbage can with the likes of discarded wrappers, bags, etc. Condiments can stain the fabric of the seats or even the clothing of the driver. Food smells can even linger in the car if it’s unkempt.
  • Unhealthy eating: those who choose to eat in their vehicles rather than sit down to a meal at home are eating unhealthy foods. In a sense, they may be sacrificing convenience for poor dieting. What’s more is that studies suggest that those who eat in their cars as they drive are more likely to overeat, which can lead to obesity and a myriad of other health issues. Bottom line: very rarely will you find someone in their cars munching on an apple, almonds or healthy snacks. No, usually it’s a burger and fries.
  • It’s good to unwind: Being on the constant go isn’t good for anyone’s mental state. People need some downtime to decompress. Eating a meal at home or at a restaurant helps to provide this much-needed downtime that individuals need to rejuvenate and revitalize.


So, what do you think? Is it OK to eat in the car or not OK? The decision is yours to make.

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