Save money by upgrading your doors


For many homeowners, the doors to their home are their way of escaping the outside and closing them after a long days’ work provide security and comfort. However, for a few homeowners out there, their doors in the home are much more than that and help to contribute to savings which allow for more trips to the cinema, or even, over time, cars, houses and expensive holidays.

External doors, like the front door, patio doors and bi-folding doors, have dramatically improved in design and style over the past decade. Patio and bi-folding doors especially have grown in popularity and are now a mainstay in many new builds. In fact, it is more unusual to find a home which does not have some sort of patio door at the rear of a property.

Yet, what has seen them get even more attention in the past few years is their ability to offer something more than just a division between internal and external living. Now, with clever glazing, smaller sight lines and much more, you can actually save money and improve your homes energy performance by installing these types of doors within your home. Upgrading ones that might be over ten years old can also greatly improve the energy benefits you can have. With more and more energy providers looking to save you money too after the escalating prices of energy, you can suddenly find a bit more extra cash each month.

Upgrading your doors doesn’t have to be difficult either. By speaking to a professional door company, they can recommend ways in which you can get the best results for you. This not only includes if you can save on energy efficiency, but also if you can use your doors more effectively to help improve your daily lifestyle. For example, should you wish to take advantage of a patio area but for the rest of the year have great views of your garden, a sliding door might be the best option for you. When upgrading, always think about the use of the door too because you can get multiple benefits within one change.

Furthermore, with the UK’s climate changing and it being sunnier for longer in the autumn, you might want to look at ways you can further enhance your home, using your doors as a way of doing this. Careful planning of indoor gardens or even a space to work could well take in the doors appearance and crucially allow you to get the space within your home you want.

So, if you are looking at ways to improve your home, don’t just thing of the style or the interiors, think about how something like a door can change the way you use your home, and crucially, if possible, allow you to save money too. With careful planning, a chat to a professional company and a bit of imagination, you can get so much more from your doors, allowing you to lead the lifestyle you want.

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