Safety tips to keep you safe in 2018

One thing that many of us do at the beginning of every year is come up with a list of New Year’s resolutions. New Year’s resolutions are great as they signify a fresh start and help us set goals that we hope to achieve in the new year.

However, one thing that most of us forget to include in our resolutions is matters to do with personal safety. We forget that a personal injury can really put paid to all our plans for an extended period of time. As one of the leading personal injury claims solicitors, Slater and Gordon Personal Injury receives numerous personal injury claims every day.


Most of the claims that we process are of injuries that could have been prevented if the necessary precautions had been taken in the first place. Although financial compensation can be claimed by personal injury victims, the truth is that no one wants to be physically harmed in any accident.


Here are some safety tips to help you stay safe throughout the year:


  1. Regular car maintenance


One of the most common causes of motor accidents is poorly maintained vehicles. This year, make sure that your car is always in top condition. Check your car’s tyre treads, battery, brake pads and transmission on a regular basis. Also avoid driving in unsafe conditions.


  1. Avoid cell phone distractions


Cell phones are a very common cause of accidents. And it’s not just car accidents. There are enough cases of people who have found themselves so distracted by their cell phones while walking that they just did not see a bicycle or motorbike coming fast towards them.


  1. Keep your house safe


While it’s easy to see your house as your safe haven, the truth is that it is very easy to get injured within the confines of your home. Start by keeping your walls free of loosely hanging items, switch off any electric appliances that you are not using, store any sharp objects in a safe place and label any chemical substances to avoid mix-ups.


  1. Leave electric repairs to electricians


Sometimes we think we can do everything until an accident stops us in our tracks. If you have any wiring problems that need fixing and you are not a qualified electrician, don’t try to fix the problem yourself. You don’t want to be electrocuted doing something that you should not be doing in the first place.


  1. Wear protective clothing where necessary


At Slater and Gordon Personal Injury, we have seen our fair share of claims for injuries that could have been easily avoided if the victims were wearing the appropriate safety gear at the time of the accident. So, don’t forget your helmet when riding your bike or gloves when handling harmful chemicals or any other type of protective gear.


  1. Buy snow tyres during winter


During winter, driving conditions are not suitable for driving. One safety tip you can use is to fit your vehicle with snow tyres if you have to drive in snowy conditions. You might want to get the tyres early to avoid inconveniences during winter.


In summary


As you strictly follow your resolutions, use these tips to keep yourself safe this year. While precautions are great, it is also important to make sure that you are appropriately insured in order to be eligible for compensation in case an accident occurs.

Safest Year

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