Making a Pond – Top Gardening Tips

Putting a pond in your garden is a perfect way of adding a natural element that makes your outdoor space more relaxing and attractive. Getting the right type of pond for your needs isn’t particularly difficult to do but there are a few steps to take in order to make the right decisions.


Choose the Size and Position

The first issues to consider are about where you are going to put the pond and how big it is going to be. Of course, this is largely going to depend upon what you plan to use it for. For instance, will it just be a decorative feature, will you hope to attract wildlife or are you planning to keep fish in it? All of these issues are factors that will determine the ideal shape and location of your pond.  You will also want to bear in mind safety factors, especially if there are children in the house. In addition, you should think about whether you plan to sit out here occasionally, listening to the water and enjoying the sight of your pond.


Dig Out the Right Depth

The next step is to dig out the right depth for your pond. Again, this will be clearer once you are sure about what you want to use it for. A decorative pond can be fairly shallow, while big fish will need more water to move around in. If you want to attract local wildlife then it will need safe, shallow entry and exit points for them. The deeper you make the pond the longer it will take to dig and the more water will be needed to fill it. If it is going to be fairly deep then you may need to hire a mechanical digger for the work.


Lay the Pond Liner

Once the hole has been dug you need to put down a pond liner to stop weeds coming through and to keep the water from seeping away. Ideally, you will put down a layer of sand first of all before you do this. You can then choose from different types of liners. Some are simple pieces of tough, flexible plastic while others are pre-formed ponds that just need to be put in the right place and then filled up.


Consider the Finishing Touches

Now comes the fun part, as you get to add the finishing touches that make this a great pond to look at as well as useful. For a start, you could use garden paving stones to make an attractive border around it. You might also consider getting a pond pump for it too. This is necessary if you have fish, as it will provide them with clean, oxygen-rich water. Some pumps also come with a jet function that gives you a nice fountain feature.


Finally, you could add plants in and around the pond too. Putting in aquatic plants can help to provide clean, healthy water, while some greenery or flowers around the edge can contrast with the water very nicely.



Getting a terrific garden pond isn’t the most difficult thing to do. However, it does take a decent amount of planning and then a little bit of hard work to get it just right.

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