Know These Anniversary Flower Gift Ideas for the Milestone Years of Your Marriage


Anniversary is one of the most special days in a couple’s life. A huge crowd of memories would be gathering in your head and heart on this day. You may be in the first year or the tenth year of marriage – the feeling that you feel inside your heart is an inexplicable one. Out of all kind of anniversary gifts online and offline available, flowers hold the most special position. Why? Remember the day of your marriage – your whole house and marriage hall was gleaming with bright flowers who were welcoming you to a new life. You also wore some floral pieces of jewelry during your Sangeet and Mehendi ceremony. While you were exchanging floral garlands, people were showering flowers on you. In totality, you cannot keep the flowers away from any ritual related to marriage. Have a look at the following flower gift ideas which you can get for your sweetheart to celebrate your union.

1st Marriage Anniversary: Only 365 days have crossed after your official union. Maybe you knew each other since childhood or teens or just met a few months before marriage but this day when you complete the 1st year of togetherness would be a very special one. The freshness of marriage is still very much there and you are still in the process of knowing the other person. The perfect flower gift for marriage anniversary on this year would be a carnation because it represents youth and passionate love. As per legendary stories, a fresh bouquet of carnations ensure long lasting love. So, mark this first year of anniversary with sweet, optimistic, and passionate carnations.

5th Marriage Anniversary: 5 years is pretty much a long time and you have known quite some reality and secrets of your partner by now. Maybe you are now a proud parent of a cute child who has filled your world with infinite love. Greet the mom/dad of your child with a sizzling vase arrangement of Daisies. It is said that the structure of a daisy flower is symbolic of a happy marriage. The petals of this flowers radiates outwards from the center and this center is the representation of the deep bond between a married couple while the soft yet strong petals indicate the ways the couple would grow and endure the bond. As great amount of love and fidelity are the symbols of this flower, you can pick this up as a wedding anniversary gift.

7th Marriage Anniversary: 7 is a very important number – there are 7 days in a week, 7 colors in a rainbow, and in Hindu culture there are 7 vows that a couple take during the marriage and it is said that once married the couple is tied for the next 7 births. In this life when you have completed 7 great years of marriage, freesia is the best kind of flower gift for marriage anniversary. The enchanting fragrance of freesia has been used for centuries in soaps and lotions. Mesmerize your honey with a basket arrangement of freesia flowers.

10th Marriage Anniversary: You have spent a decade of togetherness and have created some unforgettable memories together. Relish those memories with the forever young, bright, and soothing daffodils. This flower represents rebirth and new beginnings. Won’t that be wonderful to start the romance again?

25th marriage Anniversary: One fourth of a century is 25! Two and a half decades have passed and you are still together with each other which gives a sense of pride for sure. This day as 25th Marriage Anniversary gift, you can look out for the royal and enticing Iris flowers which symbolizes elegance and sophistication. Gifting an Iris flower bouquet means that till today you believe that your better half holds the prime importance in your life.

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