iPhone 7 Plus Decals: Personalization That Doesn’t Break The Bank

Apple may be known for its sophisticated smartphone design, but its minimalist style doesn’t offer you the tools to personalize the look of your iPhone. With only the choice of gold, gold rose, grey, and the new blacks, jet and matte, there’s not a lot of opportunity to stand out from the crowd. Apple prefers to let you tailor your smartphone experience by cherry picking your favorite apps, but that doesn’t mean you should limit your individuality in the same ways. Customized vinyl skins are an easy and affordable way to modify your new 7 Plus to suit your tastes.

iphone 7+

Sure, the rose gold finish is particular to only a handful of generations, but this color doesn’t offer anything special compared to any other option. Though each generation differs in terms of weight and thickness, it’s basically the same shape. If you don’t account for the different finishes, there are 590 million people who own an iPhone with roughly the same looks as yours. Everyone will recognize an iPhone for what it is, regardless of the number that follows the name — which can be a hard concept to accept when your individuality is an important part of your life. Luckily, your smartphone won’t be as easy to recognize when wrap your iPhone 7 Plus in a custom skin, as these wraps can conceal the Apple logo and reveal your inner style.

In this way, an iPhone 7 Plus skin is much like the phone itself. While you’ve taken the time to get used to the Plus’ updates, tweaked your settings, and downloaded all of your must-have apps, you can spend considerable time playing around with the decal options of your skin. Some designers, like the engineers at dbrand, provide a convenient skin-interface on their website, allowing you to see what your color options look like on the Plus. You can play around and see what a monochromatic wrap looks like in comparison to a carbon fiber decal, or you can mix and match finishes with colors to create a zebra wood device with purple accents. The choice is yours.

Style isn’t the only thing that comes with an iPhone 7 Plus decal. When you’ve got a wrap successfully covering up your Plus, you can expect:

  • Protection from sharp objects, edges, and corners, eliminating cosmetic damages;
  • Dirt and grime resistance, ridding your Plus of fingerprint smudges;
  • A Water-tight fit, enhancing the Plus’ natural water resistance; and
  • Improved grip, making it easier to hold and keep away from the floor.

The advantages to embracing your inner stylists mean your phone will last longer with less signs of wear and tear. Customizing your phone with an iPhone 7 Plus skin isn’t just a frivolous design adjustment; it’s a protective addition meant to enhance your cell. So cover up the boring rose gold and show off what it means to be you.

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