How to Play Craps at an Online

Did you ever consider playing craps online? Many people are not aware that the popular dice game can be played on a computer or a mobile device, but it is certainly one of the most popular casino games you can play in the virtual world. Firstly, when it comes to craps there is no sure-fire way to make a killing at the game – if there was, everyone would be doing it. But there are strategies you can use that will maximise your enjoyment and also boost your chances of winning.


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Manage Your Bets

As with any other casino game, when you play craps it is a good idea to set a limit for your play where if you lose more than that, you stop and walk away with what you have won. This helps you enjoy your play since you will not be in danger of spending more than you have. If you have a loss limit of $200 – i.e. you cannot afford to lose more than $200 – then split this sum in half and put it in two virtual “pockets”. Play with the first $100 and if you win anything that puts you more than $50 over your starting $100, put this $100 back into your “pocket” and only play with the winnings. If you end up losing the first $100 without playing with any winnings, start with the second $100 and if you lose all this, walk away.


Keep Calm and Collected

When you have learned how to play craps you can then learn how to manage your emotions and your sense of calm so you can get the most from the game. Make sure that you stick to your betting system and you keep a cool head. Avoid drinking alcohol as this tends to dull your reactions.


Get a Strategy

Every craps game offers a wide range of betting but there are only some bets that have a good enough house edge. Betting can be complicated. When you are starting, make basic bets and then as you learn you can progress in complexity. While you will see advanced players making bets simultaneously, you shouldn’t be rushed into doing something that is beyond you and your bankroll.


Take your time getting to know the game and slowly build up your experience while having fun playing. You will be able to play for fun and not have to put down any money for as long as you are learning the ropes. Once you have got a great idea of how to play then you can put your winning strategies into place.

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