How to Plan a Conference in the Midlands


If you are planning on hosting a Midlands conference in the coming months or next year, it’s time to start making your plans right now. It takes a considerable amount of time to plan for a conference, so the sooner you can get the planning ball rolling the better. A Midlands conference is an exciting opportunity to discuss ideas, plan new developments, and network with other people in your industry. It is a lot of work to organise a conference but you can benefit from a significant amount of publicity and recognition. Here’s what you need to do when you first start thinking about holding a Midlands conference.

Draw Up Your Planning Timeline

Work out how far in advance you need to plan, which will affect when you can hold your event. This depends on how many people will be working on the planning, and how big of an event it will be. You will need to consider the timescale for putting together proposal forms for speakers, sending out publicity, getting the required delegates, and putting together the program. Break the overall task of planning the conference down into parts and put specific deadlines on each.

Plan an Effective Budget

Your budget will affect what Conference venue midlands you can choose, and it will also affect what you can offer and how much you will expect people to pay to attend the conference. Your conference must be part of your overall business strategy which includes planning for making a good return on investment. Running a conference can be expensive but you should get back much of what you put in.

Visit Possible Venues

Your conference venue in the Midlands is hugely important for defining the success of the event. When you draw up a shortlist of venues be specific with what you need, and your budget. Know how many people you expect to attend and what kind or catering or accommodation options you need. When you have a shortlist, visit the potential venues to see them in person and ask the questions you need answered. Depending on the size of your conference you may need different rooms within the venue including a conference theatre, breakout rooms, and small meeting rooms.

Confirm Speakers and Program

In order to develop an effective marketing plan for the conference you will need to confirm who is speaking, the themes, the meetings, the specific details of the conference, and the running times. Once you have put together a program you can send this to interested parties as you scout for attendees for your Midlands conference.



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