How Point of Sale Systems Have Changed Everything


The hospitality and restaurant business is being taken over by a new technological revolution, and they are trendsetters in this. This revolution is the point of sale (POS) system, but specifically the iPad POS system. Before these were around, POS systems were bulky and required a PC to operate them. While useful, they were also limited by their functionality, features, and effectiveness. To top it off, they were very expensive. The iPad POS, however, changes all of this! Let’s take a look at some of its benefits.

No More Managerial Strain

Managers had to dedicate quite a lot of their daily hours doing things that POS systems can do now. For instance, they would have to manually track time cards, set employee hours, create reports, run inventory checks, track sales, and handled reservations. All of this can now be fully automated by using an iPad POS system. Everything can be integrated, and reports can be created at the touch of a button.

It Is User Friendly

When POS systems were first developed, employees were worried that they have to complete a lot of training to get to grips with complex electronic devices. However, iPad POS systems are fully intuitive and incredibly easy to understand. Their visual interface makes everything really clear, so that no time has to be lost on training staff or making mistakes.

It Enhances Customer Experience by Synching with Digital Menus

Another great benefit of this system is that it allows customers to communicate directly with it. They can order what they want and pay at the table, while reading their menus in a digital way. Customers can even order drinks, enter custom requirements for meals, request someone to serve their table, view all the details associated with the menu, pay right at their table, and even pair their meals with certain wines or beers.

Should You Get an iPad POS System?

If you run a restaurant, you may wonder whether this type of system is worth investing in. When you consider the above benefits, and that’s just the three biggest ones, however, as well as the fact that both to software and iPad tablets are now very affordable, the question really becomes why you wouldn’t invest in it. The fact that a restaurant needs a POS system of some sorts is undeniable, unless you still ask your servers to take orders on a scribbled notepad. Consider for a minute that traditional POS systems are more expensive than the iPad versions, and it becomes even clearer that you should invest in them.

Perhaps you already have an older POS system in place, however. In that case, you may wonder whether the time is right for you to replace it, or whether you should wait a little bit longer. Naturally, the expense of replacing the system is one you may not be ready for. However, when you consider that you will become so much more effective and efficient, and the fact that your older system will likely no longer be supported, the time, as they say, is now.

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