Helpful Tools for Eating in the Car

Eating in the Car

When it comes to safe driving, there are several tips you can follow. It is important that you follow these tips because you want you and your passengers to be safe. Also, driving safe means you can avoid acquiring traffic tickets. If you do find yourself in a situation in which you get a traffic ticket, you will want to take advantage of a defensive driving course.

For those of you who are living and working in NY, it is no surprise that life can get very busy from time to time. In fact, you may find yourself having to squeeze in a meal on the way to or from work. Fortunately, eating in the car can be done safely if you follow several of the tips mentioned below.

Keep Your Car Clean and Organized

There’s nothing worse than a messy car. From empty soda bottles to leftover food, you will want to keep your car as clean and organized as possible. In doing so, you can improve safety because you won’t be distracted when you go to reach for a drink in the cup holder or French fries out of the fast food bag you have sitting in the passenger seat. To keep your car clean and organized, you will want to remove any trash in it after you get to your destination. It is also helpful to have a small trash bag in the car with you; this makes cleaning out your car very simple.

Use a Cup with a Lid

Even the smoothest of roads have bumps and potholes in them. If you are taking a drink of something, you want to make sure it isn’t going to spill if you hit a pothole or bump. One of the easiest ways to avoid spilling your drink is to drink it out of a cup with a lid on it. You will especially want to follow this tip if you are drinking coffee or some other type of hot beverage. Spilling coffee on you while driving can cause you to jerk as a reaction, causing you to swerve or even run off the road. With a lid on your cup, though, you are much less likely to spill your drink. Investing in a cup with a spill-proof lid is an excellent choice to make.

Wear a Bib

Bibs are great for people of all ages, especially when eating in the car. If you will tuck a napkin into the top of your shirt or wear a bib while driving and eating, this can help you avoid getting food on your clothes. In doing so, you don’t have to worry about traveling down the road and trying to clean the ketchup off your shirt as you’re driving. Instead, after you’re done eating, you can simply remove the napkin or bib and be done with the mess.

Pull Over to Eat Your Meals

Ideally, the safest way to eat in the car is by pulling over and avoiding driving while you are eating and drinking. When you choose to eat and drink while you are driving, you must pull at least one hand off the wheel at any given time to hold your cup or whatever it is that you are eating. Some people even pull both hands off the wheel for a second or two to take a quick bite of a sandwich. You don’t want to do this. You want to keep both hands on the wheel always if possible.

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