Heather Weber – Dieting Advice To Get Slim For Good

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Like many women, I have had a love/hate affair with weight loss for many years and whilst I have never been massively overweight, I have always struggled with staying slim for a great deal of time. I was chatting to my good friend Heather Weber recently about how so many of our friends will crash diet for summer so that they can look great on the beach, only to put it all back on again once the vacation is over. I used to be this way too in that past until I released the counterproductive effect that it had on my weight as well as the damage I was no doubt doing to my body. Having changed my ways a couple of years ago, I wanted to share with you my tips on staying slim for good.

Attitude Adjustment

Having a short term goal in your mind is no way to get the body which you want for any great length of time. For this reason it is vital that you do not diet, but rather change your approach to eating and exercise so that you are living a healthy life with a great body. When you diet for the short term you may very well lose the weight which you want to, failing to change your attitudes towards food however will only see you gaining weight once you go back to your old ways.

Use Technology

You do not need to pay dietician or personal trainers in order to help you to stay in shape because technology has more than enough ways in which it can do this for you. There are many apps out there which allow you to track your meals and which nutrients, calories and vitamins you are getting, there are fitness apps which allow you to update your exercise levels and will help you to formulate the best exercise plan for you, and there are even gadgets such as the FitBit which you can wear on your wrist to track how your body is doing each day. If you want a healthier life then use technology to ensure that you stick to it.


We are  creatures of habit and routine and if you want to make sure that you can keep your healthier body for good then you need to make it routine-based. Joining classes which take place at the same time each week, eating the same foods on the same day each week or going to the gym at the same time everyday is how you should be approaching your new, healthy life. Having a routine like this keeps you conscious of what you are doing, it will add guilt if you fail to stick to the schedule and it takes much of the thinking out of living a better life.

Remember that a diet is short term, a healthy lifestyle is permanent and if you want to be slimmer for good then this is how your should be thinking.

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