Genius Moving Hacks to Make Packing Painless


We all know that packing is the hardest, longest, and most exhausting part of any move. This is why you need to get an insight look at it in order to ensure that your pacing will go painless and stress-free. To help you get this insight view we consulted several professionals from a moving company in Okotoks, and below present tips and tricks that it came up with. The tips below will be very specific and short, but trust us, they will save you a lot of energy, time, and nerves.

  1. Garbage bags for clothes

One of the easiest and still undervalued tips that professional Okotoks moving company gives is to use garbage bags for your clothes. You just need slide clothes on hangers directly into the garbage backs and make the upcoming unpacking process a breeze.

  1. Cotton balls and makeup

It is the worst pain to see the cracked and damaged eye shades, rouge, and powder when you open your cosmetics bag after the move. But you can easily avoid this scene if put cotton balls into the makeup compacts. This is the easiest way to prevent them from braking because cotton balls act as a cushion inside of fragile cosmetics.

  1. Organize your cords

It is impossibly frustrating to deal with all the cords before the move and after it when unpacking. This is why experts advise to use the easy-to-get toilet paper rolls and wind the cords round the rolls to keep everything organized.

  1. Use clothes for breakables

It is a well-known fact that you need to cover breakables with something to protect them. Most frequently people hear tips about covering breakables with special bubble wrapping paper for their protection. But professional movers say that you can save your money and space in the boxes if use your own clothes for covering breakables. Use clean socks, towels, linen, and soft T-shirts to pack glasses or pictures in frames. In this way you kill two birds with one stone: you protect your breakable items and at the same time pack towels, linen, etc. saving place in other boxes.

  1. Use plastic wrap for liquids in boxes

It is a common problem to open your bag after a long flight and find out that all your clothes are covered in shampoo or shower gel because the bottles leak, for instance. The same problem applies to moving your home. This is why you can open any bottle with liquid, cover the neck of each bottle with plastic wrap and then close the bottle with its lid. This is the easiest way to avoid unpleasant mess after the move. Make sure to do this not only with shower cosmetics, but also with cleaning chemicals.

  1. Code the boxes

After the move it is always a chaos because you never know what to put where. This is why professionals from in Calgary advise to color-code all your boxes so that when unpacking you know what goes where.

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