Choosing Shoes for Men and Women Online

Buying shoes is a tough process itself no matter where you do this: in the real store or online. You need to try all of them (if getting them in a store) and also choose those that you like, which fit you best, and which have acceptable price. This decision looks pretty tough, but purchasing men’s and women’s shoes online requires even more skills than just clicking the button and hoping for the best! As with the real purchase you will get even a greater number of things to think of when choosing perfect women’s shoes.


  1. Know your brand. As a rule, most people know what brand fits them best so when thinking of getting yourself new shoes online try to stick to the knowledge you have, for example, if you like Vagabond, do not get online for Yves Saint Lauren, you may loose with such a purchase because you have never tried these shoes before.

And talking about the companies, if you decided to try to buy an unknown brand, then it is highly advised to read its references online. Read feedback from satisfied or unsatisfied customers to understand which brand is the best to buy new women’s shoes online. Moreover, go to a physical store and try, let’s say, SAS shoes for men and women  in order to understand your size and fit before ordering online.

  1. Look at the pictures. When you go to a real shoe store you get a possibility to touch, feel and look at the women’s shoes from all the sides. When purchasing women’s shoes online you cannot do all this so buy the shoes only on the websites which provide you with pictures of a shoe from the front and back, and underneath. Here a rule exists: the more you see, the more you are sure that you buy what you really want.
  1. Sizes. The best idea of getting women’s shoes online is to buy those brands which you have already tried in real store. In this case you can be absolutely sure that the size of the shoe will fit you. If getting shoes online from unknown brands you might simply lose money if your purchase will not fit you at all. You can also “collect useful information”: when you just pass buy any shoe store – go in and try different types of footwear (for instance, if you decided to purchase New Balance shoes then go to any sport shop and try several pairs on); this will help you to figure out what exact size of women’s shoes you have based on UK, US, and Europe shoe sizes. Then remember those numbers and when getting new shoes online just recollect what you already know about your feet.

REMEMBER: if you hesitate about getting shoes from an online store – it is always better to ask for details before paying any money!

  1. Refund policy. Think of a situation when you still misordered something or your new women’s shoes purchased online do not fit. In this case it is good to know all hints of the refund procedure. So before ordering – check all the ways of departure!
  1. Auction sites. If you decided to buy not new women’s shoes you need to be extremely attentive. They usually propose you a pretty good price, but you cannot check the real condition of the shoes you are getting online. In this case you need to ask for many references from previous customers and be aware of the auctions policies.

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