Best places to visit in London


Such a big city, with so many top London attractions to tick off, your city sightseeing tick list could get very long and quite overwhelming. So you might think to yourself… where do I start? Whether you live and work in the capital and you want to explore your surroundings a bit more, or maybe you’re organising a staff or corporate party and want to venture out in the capital or you’re simply a tourist wanting to visit this spectacular city. For your corporate photo booth hires in London or those memorable photos, this list will help you decide where to go when you are next in the capital:

The Shard

Buy your tickets and head up to the shard for an amazing view across all of London. It covers a 360 view, so this is easily one of the most impressive places to see all of London. You can really appreciate the views of the capital and no matter what the season is you can still experience the scenic views that London has to offer- prices go for £29.95 for adults and discounts are available as well

ArcelorMittal Orbit

This sculpture made for the Olympics in London back in 2012 offers amazing panoramic views over London from the East End. Reception to the way it looks was initially mixed when it was unveiled but that takes nothing away from the amazing view, and the price is fairly cheap at £11.95

Duck and Waffle

An amazing restaurant with an amazing view over London, perfect for those couples to enjoy the sunrises and sunsets due to the restaurant being open 24 hours, this is a perfect place to unwind whilst see the beautiful views of London. Other than this, it’s fairly cheap with starters going for £3/5 depending on the time of the day and the meals range for £11, a good experience.

Vertigo 42

Okay, so the cost of the Champagne is rather expensive but you don’t need to pay for the admissions so its balances it out. In addition to this, you get to enjoy the amazing view on offer whilst sitting on a comfy chair in a warm and welcoming environment. If you’re thinking of having dinner here, remember to make a reservation in advance because they fill up quickly.

The London Eye

The view from the London eye is beautiful and is one of the main attractions of London. Its particular great for the Westminster and St Paul’s area, one thing to take in to account is when getting on this attraction make sure you get to the window as quick as possible because these seats fill up quickly and you don’t want to be stuck in the middle.

Sushi Samba

This is next to Duck and Waffle and offers amazing views over London.  A little more expensive than the Duck and Waffle but the food is delicious so it makes the price tag easier to cope with. Delicious food and a great view, what more do you want?

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