An In-Depth Look at the Advantages of Mounting Your TV on the Wall

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Here’s the thing: when those good people who invented the flat screen TV started their designs, what they had in mind is that the viewer would mount it on the wall. That was the purpose of the flat screen TV, after all – to offer a sleek, high definition alternative that would grace the home or place of business in style and comfort. So if you’re still wondering whether or not your TV should be on the wall, the answer is simple: yes, it should be. However, there are various ways of doing this, and it pays to consider the alternatives. You’ll need the right positioning, and you’ll need the right mount. Here’s an in-depth look at the advantages of mounting your TV on the wall.

Saving space

There’s no doubt that mounting your TV on the wall will save you a lot of space. This is important because the more free space you have, the more other stuff you can store at that particular location. It’s also important for practical purposes: it makes for easier maintenance and cleaning. And last – free space is beautiful and stylish.

Protection and safety

If you’ve just bought a new TV, chances are that it’s a flat-screen TV. The gadget looks elegant and sleek, but if you have a little bit of knowledge regarding physics, you’ll notice that the center of balance is located on a particular spot, and it’s easy to knock over a flat-screen TV if it’s not mounted correctly. For households with pets or kids or businesses with a lot of activity, mounting on the wall is safer.

Viewing pleasure

When you mount your TV on the wall, your viewing pleasure is bound to increase dramatically. Not necessarily because it looks better – but simply because positioning the TV on the wall allows you to get the height correct and allows you to eliminate reflections and glare. You’ll also be able to adjust the viewing angles if you choose to use a mountable arm, so that it benefits everyone in the room.

The advantages of mounting your TV on the wall are simply too numerous to list down – mounting your TV on the wall using a TV wall mount has become the standard and is, quite frankly, the way to go. However, that doesn’t mean it’s always an easy decision when it comes to choosing the right spot for your TV. You should avoid glare and reflections, and you should always consider the distance of the TV and the viewer for optimum viewing comfort. Pick a spot based on the available space, the positioning of the chairs or sofas, the influence of lights – and don’t be afraid to experiment with potential locations. Once you’ve found that perfect space, you will have created the perfect viewing area for years to come.

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