8 Useful Tips to Help You Pack Before You Shift to a New Home

Moving house is always exciting because it’s often a fresh beginning, but the “moving” part can be quite a bit of headache. There are just so many little things to take care of and then there’s the packing. To make things easier for you, here are eight useful tips which should help a lot.

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The Boxes

You will likely find cardboard moving boxes at any of the nearby local supermarkets but make sure you get all the different types of boxes that you will need. Aside from the small, medium and large ones, you should also take a look at heavy duty and wardrobe boxes.

Other Things You Will Need

While you are at the supermarket, you better buy some markers, labels, stretch wrap, bubble wrap and packing tape as well, provided you don’t have any at home of course.

Don’t Overstuff Your Boxes

All packing boxes come with a specific maximum limit, so it would be wise not to overstuff them, or you run the risk of a box opening and spilling its contents in the middle of the road.

Mark the Boxes Containing Hazardous Materials

It is best to not pack hazardous materials at all, but for the ones you can’t get rid of like your wine collection, label them as so. Also, don’t pack reactive chemicals, solvents, etc. together.

Heavy Boxes Go at the Bottom

Now it would seem like the logical thing to do, but there’s some additional detail to this advice that you must take note of. If a box is heavy, but it’s filled with delicate items such as crockery, it cannot be placed at the bottom of a stack. Bubble-wrap your delicate items well and place them separately with the label “Handle with Care.”

Start Packing Early

In case you have a big house and a lot of things to pack, you need to start as early as possible. Not only will this make packing less stressful for you, it will also ensure that you don’t make any mistakes. Even if you do make a few mistakes, you will have ample time to correct them.

Sell Some Things Off

Before moving, sell off or give away all the things that you don’t want to take with you to the new place.

Pack Tight

There’s a difference between stuffing too many things into a box and packing them tightly; the former may cause your box to break while the latter will secure the package. Feel free to use anything from old newspapers to rags for filling out the gaps in between your stuff in the boxes.

As long as you manage to make a note of getting these points right, your move should be much smoother than most people’s. Not everyone can find the time it takes to do all of this and that’s okay. As an alternative, you can just hire a Tallahassee moving company to help you with the entire process, which would essentially cut your moving troubles down to nothing!

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