4 Ways to Know It’s Time to Change Accountants

accountantThe good thing about hiring a freelance accountant is that you can always change him if you don’t feel satisfied with his work. You can find someone better to do the job. You are free to change partners because the contract is only valid until the project is over. You always have the option though to continue with your partnership. You could also, of course, tackle your finances yourself with the help of a few free tax tools and a budgeting program. However, there are instances when it is in your best interest to change your accountant.

  1. You don’t feel satisfied with the results. Once the documents are ready, you can check them before submitting them to the tax agency or other related departments. You can try random auditing just to see if everything is perfect. It is also possible that you are not happy with his working style and his pace of work. You always worry about whether or not he can get the job done immediately. It’s high time to change if this happens.
  2. There are lots of mistakes. You can’t afford mistakes when it comes to accounting. Simple mistakes could lead to penalties. It could even affect your business if the problems are recurring. You can’t afford to be submitting erroneous documents over and over again. In worse case scenarios, it could lead to the closure of your business. This is true even if the errors were unintentional. Since they were repeated mistakes, they might be deemed as intentional.
  3. You are not being respected. You want someone who can work well with you. Despite all your demands, you must still be respected. Should you work with an accountant who can’t respect you, then it is perhaps better if you have another partner. This project must be based on respect. Otherwise, there is no purpose in pursuing the partnership. You will just keep fighting moving forward and it could affect the quality of the results.
  4. You need someone faster. In accounting, everything has to be fast but precise. There are accountants who are really careful, especially in dealing with documents. The problem is that it takes a very long time before they get the job done. You can’t afford slow accountants. Yes, you want them to be careful but not to the point that it eats up a lot of time.

If you have finally decided to look for another accountant, it is fine. You can easily look for Central London accountants who match all your standards. Once you have, it is time to seal the deal. Always evaluate your partner accountant after each project. In doing so, you will determine whether or not you should continue your partnership in the future.


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