4 Things to Know Before Replacing Windows

replacing windows

A lot of people think about replacing their old windows with new units while others believe that this is a waste of money. This is why we decided to name five important things for your consideration before starting windows replacement project.

New windows will pay for themselves

There is no secret that once you get windows replaced in Oakville you get at least twice as efficient units as before. Modern best dual-paned windows will help you retaining heat and air conditioning much better than the single-paned units frequently installed a couple of decades ago. If you do the math and calculate the savings you can rely on, the sum will be around 23% of annual savings with the installation of new windows units.

Consider maintenance

Old windows have mostly been made of wood and supplied with additional aluminum or steel sheets for the sake of storm protection. As you can see, all three materials named do not promise any ease of maintenance. For instance, wood requires repainting as well as special coating to protect it from water; steel and aluminum are highly exposed to rust issues. But if you replace your old windows with new vinyl windows units you can get absolutely maintenance-free windows. Vinyl is new material that requires no repainting or additional protection. The only thing you need to do to your new units is regular window cleaning with only a mop and a bucket just a few times a year to preserve their transparency.

Old windows and repairs

A lot of people believe that instead of replacing old windows it is much more beneficial to repair them. Of course, drafts and minor cracks in old panes can be easily repaired, but think in the long run perspective. If you repair your old windows now then eventually they will get broken again, which means that for the same units you will have to pay twice and even three times in a row and still continue living with problems. In the case of replacement windows you get new units that will not require any maintenance or repairs for at least 10-15 upcoming years. As a result, you basically make an investment into your future. Furthermore, keep in mind that new windows will also save you a lot of money on energy bills and, in fact, pay you back in this way, while old windows will continue stealing from you.

Aesthetics is the key

And the final point on our list is aesthetics you can achieve with new units. Old windows may look shabby and in fact destroy the whole style and design of your home. New replacement windows in Markham can be customized to your specific project to perfectly match your requirements and home’s style.

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